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Multidisciplinary Design Studio



Karishma Kusurkar is an award-winning Multidisciplinary Designer based in Belfast, United Kingdom.  Having studied at the Belfast School of Art & University of the Arts, London, Karishma established her own studio in Belfast 2014. 

Karishma has collaborated on several ventures including The Design Salon & Belfast Design Week which continue to develop and grow their audiences year on year. She is currently working on an international collaboration called A Tiny History and local collaboration People Make Design. She is also co-founder and designer of the Small Town Big Dreams podcast which champions entrepreneurs in the creative industries.

Karishma is keen on developing strategic ties between the creative industries and entrepreneurship, business, culture and tourism.




Karishma’s World is a multidisciplinary design studio producing physical objects such as games, accessories, stationery and books, digital media including podcasts, illustration, graphic and social design and service design including event design.

On each project, Karishma works with different freelancers and companies that are specialists in their own areas, forming a unique multidisciplinary team.   As well as diversity within design disciplines, Karishma aims to work with people from a range of backgrounds and cultures to provide a wider range of skills and insights into projects. 

What is multidisciplinary design?

Multidisciplinary Design is Design in its most collaborative and exciting form. It involves combining various disciplines within design - eg. graphics, UX, web, interiors - on projects to create unique and interesting results which might not be achieved with just one of those disciplines. Some of our multidisciplinary design heroes include IDEO & Studio Formafantasma.  Multidisciplinary design gives new points of view and approaches to solving a problem or designing a new product or service.