A Tiny History is a project exploring world history through the people that impacted us in ways both big and small.  We will be celebrating a range of visionaries from different countries from the 20th and 21st centuries. We want to tell the stories of visionaries from different areas  and industries including the internet and medicine to art and food. 

Thinkers, Dreamers, Inventors and Doers. 

Stories told in short-form. 

What we are trying to do with this project is to share history in a new and accessible way and to learn about each others’ cultures while we do it. 

One thing we have learned during this project is that not all countries have written about their visionaries in an equal way due to differences in language, lack of access to global platforms or different cultural traditions of sharing information and stories.  We also know that visionaries of different backgrounds, gender, orientation, race and ability have not been represented equally and so the same stories of the same people are often circulated as important figures in world history whilst others are left out.

With A Tiny History, we hope to be part of a wave of change in the way history is told alongside other projects we love including the New York Times’ Overlooked  project and Bravery magazine.

We want to know which visionaries would make it onto your list too and you can send yours to us here for the next part of the project.  Stay tuned.