“Whoever knows the most secrets rules the world.”


ESPIONAGE is an illustrated political card game created and designed by multidisciplinary design studio Karishma’s World. It is the first box from the Ob.Jet collection and combines chance and strategy.

Espionage allows players to assume the identities of leaders and rebels all of whom are fighting it out to assume control of the world. The game involves secret locations, weapons and back stories and the aim of the game is to accumulate as many of the secret locations as possible and become eventual world leader (or tyrant!). 


ESPIONAGE had been brewing in the back of Karishma’s mind since the end of 2016.  

Its key influences are globalisation, the harbouring and sharing of secrets and spying on an international scale.

If Trump can become president surely anyone can become president - this was the idea that first inspired Espionage. What first began as a series of politically themed illustrated cards soon turned into a card game.

The styling of Espionage was particularly influenced by the Tintin comics.  Karishma grew up reading these and recently delved into them as research for Espionage. She is a huge fan of Tintin creator Hergé’s artwork and the ligne claire style the comics are drawn in. 

One of the inspirations for the “feel” and “humour” of the game has been the political podcast The Bugle.




Espionage will be released in Summer 2017 and we can't wait! If you'd like to be informed of the latest news and information, subscribe below!

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"The world is run by secrets, lies and spies."