What's in store / by Karishma Kusurkar

After a short hiatus from blogging,  I'm back! This is a long-ish post about what I've got in store for the coming months for Karishma's World & other projects I am working on.  It was inspired by this awesome post by NI food extraordinaires The Edible Flower on their first year in business. 

The one big thing I am learning the more I do this is that I need to work and collaborate with more people and that's a definite goal of mine for the next while.  No woman is an island and all that. 


It can be quite complicated to explain what products and services will come out of a multidisciplinary design business because there are just so many different kinds of things multidisciplinary design studios work on.  In my own experience, people may also get to know your business for something specific and then it's difficult to explain that yes, you do that, but also this other totally different thing! Some people know my business for textiles, others for accessories or illustration or digital and now some for games. In fact, me and my business are about all of those things and potentially more.  What excites me is that potential of cross-pollination between different genres and disciplines within design.

To explain the breakdown of my multidisciplinary studio, I have taken a look at renowned designers and artists that work/have worked in this area and broken the "multidisciplinary" bit into its various components.

César Manrique - Architecture, Painting, Sculpture, Eco-Tourism, Landscape Design

Louise Bourgeois - Sculpture, Installation, Painting, Printmaking

HAY Studio - Furniture, Stationery, Accessories, Textiles, Lighting

Studio FormaFantasma - Product Design, Craft, Material Design, Installation

All of these areas combine to make the designers and studios multidisciplinary. Similarly, for my own:

Karishma's World -  Product Design, Accessories, Lifestyle, Illustration

It makes more sense to me now looking at it in this way, hopefully it does for you too! 



  Espionage prototype

Espionage prototype

This is my priority project which I'm looking forward to getting made in a larger quantity in the coming weeks which I'm very excited about. Espionage is currently in its final edits and on track to being shipped in December.   

Future: With future editions of Espionage, some of the things I would like to add to are new country-specific location packs, more characters and more action cards. 

One Square

  One Square shopper bag

One Square shopper bag

This was the project that I started my business with, inspired by Kenya Hara's design philosophy. The aim was to simplify the manufacturing process for bags and holdalls, using a self-contained single square to make a bag from instead of traditional making which can end up with a lot of wastage. 

Future:  I'm currently restructuring this project to create a simpler manufacturing process and bring it back to its origins and make it more functional.  I am keen to give a first look of the new One Square later this year.  The type of making will also feed into my other accessories projects coming out next year - RainCo & Wrap.



RainCo - This is a new rainwear and accessories project I have planned for next year. It is in the research phase currently.  

Wrap - This is a fashion project inspired by One Square and exploring structure and making which I hope to launch next year.

<Working title> - "But you're still working on Espionage, aren't you ?!" --- and I am! There are a few games projects I have in mind for a team to work on though in the future which is the next stage after Espionage is all ready to go! They will be longer term projects and this is on the shelf until next year.


The Design Salon - With everyone getting busy with their work - including myself - this sat on the sidelines for a while, but we have picked it up where we left off and started a series of informal discussions and meet-ups. 

Belfast Design Week - Is happening this November 4th-10th! We are in our 3rd year in 2017 and making it bigger, bolder and better each year. Our team has expanded to include some awesome folks in the areas of product design, illustration and service design. We cannot wait! 

Kylie Chan Illustration - We had created the first in the series of A Tiny History in the form of a scroll, but will be looking at various other formats to make it going forward as we have some more tiny histories to share.

& there's more that's in the works. What I need more than anything is more hours in the day...  if anyone knows anything on how to go about that, get in touch.