Kickstarter: Espionage Update #2 / by Karishma Kusurkar


We are back for Update #2 and will keep this short-ish and sweet!. We're on 33% of our Kickstarter goal now at £1,165 and hopefully on our way to getting to our goal!  If you think there's someone else that may also enjoy Espionage, do send them our way as every new backer will get the project closer to being tangible in all its printed glory.  Here's the base of the packaging we've been working on - it is currently with moving parts as it is being edited!


We tried with great difficulty to get Espionage manufactured in Northern Ireland, but due to the specialist machinery and paper required for creating games, we looked to the rest of the UK & Ireland and after plenty of research settled on a company in England that works with mainly card games which is perfect! We'll be printing them poker-sized onto 305um Sure Slip AIR textured black cored playing card paper - for all you paper nerds!  We're going to get 1-2 test packs printed in the next couple of weeks in order to go through any edits to the printed product before placing the bigger order in September.


This week, I wanted to spread some Kickstarter love to our fellow designers and makers and backed the awesome Ninjitsu by Bluebeard Entertainment with adorable artwork by Kelly Jo and there are a couple of other cool projects that have caught my eye and possibly my backing as well - Psychologia Podcast: The Second Season & Beasts of Balance.

That's all folks for this update, stay tuned for a visual extravangaza in the next one! 

Espionage will be on Kickstarter until 21st August