Kickstarter: Espionage Update #7 / by Karishma Kusurkar

Just under 24 hours to go! 

To our backers from all over the world - USA, UK, India, Ireland, Luxembourg, Canada, France, New Zealand - some of whom I know, and others I don't - thank you so much for helping us hit our goal (and a bit beyond) - we are now sitting on £3650. With just under 24 hours left on the campaign, it's the last chance to back our game, so do spread the word!

Character Backstories

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There are going to be 8 characters in Espionage.  They aren't your average spies. They are from many different backgrounds and places and they have their sights set on world control.  We have created 12 characters in total and will be giving you the opportunity to vote on your top 8 characters in the lead up to print. We shared a few of the character cards but here's the full list and a bit about each:

  • Klaus Kane - "The Elder Statesman" - A charismatic politician and master of schmoozing, Klaus Kane would love to take control of the world for himself and his wealthy 1% buddies
  • Samuel Santos - "The Dead President" - A guerrilla leader and master of disappearance, many think he is dead, but he's simply biding his time
  • Zara Zaldana - "Test Tube Baby" - A mad scientist who would love to control the world's population in more than one way
  • Marcella Mandrake - "The Bag Lady" - A middle-aged cat lady who plots to take over the world whilst sipping her afternoon tea
  • Delfina Diaz - "Fortune Cookie" - A lover of the esoteric and unexplained, she would like to control our world and "the other world" 
  • Gabriel Gardner - "Trust Fund Mercenary" - Gabriel has found that sometimes guns work better than words and that they look cool with his leather jacket and designer stubble
  • Viktor Valentine - "Ace of hearts" - A lover - of all sorts - Viktor is slicker than a wet red herring and even more dangerous than one
  • Aurelie Augustin - "The Spider" - A wealthy businesswoman with a little red book of names, she'll play by the rules whilst getting her network of thugs to do her dirty work
  • Abel Adams - "Sinister Minister" - Rejected by many religions for his crazy beliefs, he decided to set up one of his own and now his eyes are set on world domination
  • Lorena Lovejoy - "Lady Luck" - An underground art dealer that would like her vaults to be filled with the best pieces "handpicked" from the world's rarest collections
  • Juliette Jones - "The Jewel Thief" - The jewels weren't enough and now she's going for the mines. Juliette Jones would love to control the world and access all the sparkling stones she can get her hands on
  • Caleb Castafiore - "Mister Venom" - A zoologist with a large collection of poisonous beasts, you wouldn't want to accept a dinner invite with this guy. He loves to see his enemies squirm like a red herring out of water

Oh and I'm very fond of alliterative names as you can see!

The full backstories will be included with the game.

For the backers

The campaign will be coming to a close soon, but I will be posting updates over the next few months about how everything is getting on at the key stages. If you'd like to know anything in between, email me at any time at or comment on the Kickstarter page!

Quotable quotes

Here are a couple of things play-testers of the game had to say!

"A fun, strategic party game that holds its own after multiple plays and more challenging sets of rules that'll have you coming back time and again."

"An enjoyable mix of strategy and take that, which will have your friends laughing and smiling the whole way through."


Cheers and now's the countdown!