Kickstarter : Espionage Update #6 / by Karishma Kusurkar

Great news - We are over £3K and so very close to our target! We've 3 days to go & as always if you know someone that might enjoy this game, do share it with them.  This update is about some of the questions people have asked of us over the past week, so hopefully this will answer them! If you've got any more, do give us a shout. The campaign ends on Monday at 10pm, but we'll be updating you with the progress of the product as we continue forward from there - all being well we'll have reached our goal by then!

The Making Timeline & targets

We're making the game in England with Ivory Graphics, our estimated time for production and delivery of the larger batch of games is going to be 4-6 weeks - this is faster than companies in China for example, because it is within the UK and doesn't require international shipping or customs.

We have added 2 more weeks as cushioning to this which means that we should have the product ready for the end of November/start of December to ship out, or - in fact - drop off to you directly if you are in and around Belfast! {We'll try and make this experience as *memorable* as possible if you haven't required the shipping...}  Our merchandise should take 2-3 weeks to produce which means that we'll be working on any customised characters, maps etc. during the month of October to be printed and ready at the same time as the game.  

More about the Spy Edition

In our last update, we mentioned a new addition - or edition! - to the game for a more advanced gameplay. We'll be play-testing this throughout the rest of August and September - it's keeping the core essence of the game whilst adding new elements to it to make it more challenging and espionage-y!


We were asked about the deluxe edition (Mogul) and what additional things you'll be getting with it. Welllllllll here's the latest!

  • Custom Scoresheets

For the alternative rules, you'll want to make a note of scores as you progress. These custom scoresheets will help you do so and they've got all of the Espionage styling to add to the theme of the game.  We'll be sending the digital copies of these to all players so that when you run out, you aren't stuck with inferior scoresheets.



  • Best of 3 tokens / WIN! cards

If you think it's really unfair that one person stole all of your secret locations and red herring-ed you out of the game, you may want to do a best of 3 rounds game. These tokens will help you keep track of who wins in a best of 3. And if all 3 winners are different, whoever wins the last one, steals the previous two tokens.

  • Wrapping

Espionage will make an awesome present for someone, or for YOU which is why we are including custom wrapping with the limited edition boxes.


  • Mat

We are looking at any extras that we can throw in for you, and we will be creating a specially designed A4 mat for you to show the deck placings.  We'll send a digital copy of this to all of those that have bought any version of the game.

On another note:

I just backed this unique game called "Arranged! The Arranged Marriage Board Game" - such a different idea for a tabletop game and worth sharing! 

Over and out!