Kickstarter: Espionage Update #5 / by Karishma Kusurkar

Hello & hope you've enjoyed a lovely weekend!  This update is all about rule edits, editions and additions.

Espionage is now up to 64% on the campaign (which is exciting!) and we are hoping that the good fortune continues. But first, just have a look at how far the game has come! Here's one of the earliest little test packs:

Playtest Pack

The red herrings and spy cards were a lot smaller in our earlier test packs, but shuffling them proved to be a nightmare, so we scaled up the cards and made them all uniformly "poker size"  at 63 x 88 mm.  

Playtest Additions

We've improved our rules with the recent rounds of play-testing, with the addition of a "3 red herrings, you're frozen out for 3 rounds" rule (as opposed to completely out of the game). We found that this rule helped keep players more involved for larger player groups = more enjoyment!

*New* The Spy Edition

Our core rules (the Party Edition) and alternative rules (the Scoring Edition) provide a great all-ability game.  However, we are keen to up the ante and add a bit more detail for the seasoned player and so are testing a new set of rules called The Spy Edition.  We'll be adding these as a bonus to all backer levels that include Espionage the game!  


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Farewell for now and see you at the next update!