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Karishma's World is a Multidisciplinary Design Studio.

Designing a Zine (Live project)

My friend Kylie from Odd One Out (Hong Kong) has been the main inspiration behind my move to set up a design zine to talk about recent developments in my projects but also to highlight design finds and inspiration.  There seems to be a big zine culture in Hong Kong and Kylie has been creating them for quite some time. Most recently, she has taken part in HKZPF - Hong Kong Zine & Print Fest. Kylie's zines are always hilarious with quirky illustrations and vibrant colours.

Image: HKPFZ

Image: HKPFZ

Image: Kylie Chan Illustration

Image: Kylie Chan Illustration

So... what is a zine? 

It's a self-published small circulation magazine with a strong element of DIY.  The DIY part is of course a lot easier when it is a printed publication as it's much easier to see how you would do something that is actually more physically hands-on.  With a digital publication, it's slightly different.  My thoughts on this are to bring a much more personal voice to the zine - a non-commercial, non-corporate one with personal advice and recommendations.  A zine is very much about finding your voice and then using it in a creative way - whether that's using humour or doing something more formal.  Your zine should have a theme or overall objective and your distinct style should develop from there. 

My first online zine circulated by email

My first online zine circulated by email

What's on my to-do list for the new zine

1. Content - A mix of what's going on with my projects and collections, my design and event recommendations and other interesting bits and bobs like playlists and recipes.    

2. Artwork - I'm going to try and use as much original artwork as possible which may require more photographs and/or illustration work on my part - which will be fun but which I will have to make time for. 

3. Sharing - As well as my subscriber list, I'd like to set up a section on this website, (or even within this blog) for the zine.  I'm considering doing a printed edition too in 2018, but it'll be trying to figure out how to keep it hands-on and easy to print. 

Look out for the next zine releasing this December. You can subscribe below to get in delivered to your inbox.

Open  01.12 - 25.12 as an online festive pop-up shop. We'll be adding new lines each week! 

The festive pop-up is shipping to UK & Europe only, with last orders for Europe (excluding UK)- 10th December 9am, UK - 21st December 9am, Belfast - 24th December 9am.