Design in all its various forms

but before that, a quick project update:


The game is coming along well - there's not too much to add from the last update, just cracking on and getting the last edits done!  I'll be submitting the long-list of 12 characters in a Kickstarter update this week from which backers will be able to pick the final 8. I'll use a Doodle Poll or something similar, so backers, keep a look out for this!  Next month I'll be completing all of the merchandise for Espionage with options for poster designs, t-shirts and more.   


BDW17 is also just around the corner and we are busy with getting all of the elements together. This year we are excited to bring in even more international guests who we hope to be inspired by and that we can showcase Northern Irish talent to.  We are putting together our creative ideas on branding and merchandising the events which I am particularly excited about.  We'll be holding another 25 Pop Up and brand new to this year - a Children's Design Academy. 


This project by Caroline Healy is launching soon. Caroline is an author who is combining her love of printables and of writing together in an interactive workbook to audit your life.    


This Blick project which I have been designing for will be continuing on beyond 2017 and there are some exciting elements coming up during Belfast Design Week too this November which I'll be sure to share on this blog.



I created this image for #BDWTypes in the lead up to this year's Belfast Design Week.  BDWTypes was an idea by Jess from Design Week as a way of curating quotes and thoughts from designers and presenting them in a design-led way.  The reason I chose "design in all its various forms" was to highlight the fact that everyone is affected by design in some way and it spans such a vast area.  

As well as multidisciplinary design combining various types of design in one place, there are also some great new forms of design. Design combining with other areas can also lead to fascinating results. 

These are a couple of my favourite design projects that step outside of the box and take on various forms:

Nautilus - This is a collaboration between science, design and illustration. Nautilus is an online magazine that covers different themes (previous ones have included "Luck," "Power" and "The Absurd") and asks interesting questions to help public engagement with science. Nautilus' beautiful imagery is submitted by designers and illustrators across the world as a perfect addition to each article and issue covered.

from Nautilus Magazine's "Heroes" issue

from Nautilus Magazine's "Heroes" issue

Textile Toolbox - A mix of academic research, textile design, material science and digital design. Textile Toolbox is a project by some of my old tutors from UAL alongside other experts in their field and beyond. They explore various areas within textile design such as getting people to explore creativity in digital print through physical objects in their project "Smorgasbord", their project A.S.A.P. which takes a look at eco-textiles and performance fabric and "Fast Refashion" which explores the whole process of fashion design and how it can better engage users.

Smorgasboard by Textile Toolbox

Smorgasboard by Textile Toolbox