An earful of goodness - my top podcasts

If you know me, you'll know I love a good podcast. In fact, several good podcasts. As a designer, it's great to stumble upon a new podcast with 70 episodes that you can plug into your ears and work away.  This post is a short shout out to some of my current favourites which I hope you enjoy too:

Gimlet Media (& Creative) are killing it at the minute. My favourites by them are:

  • Reply All - A show about the internet with weird, fascinating stories. They also let themselves get scammed from time to time - on purpose!
  • StartUp - A show that started out about Gimlet Media as a startup (meta) but now includes many others. I got very excited by this episode about Slamball - remember that?
  • The Nod - A show about lots of different aspects of black life and culture including the strange obsession people on Youtube have with creating Powerpoint presentations of Beyonce and the Illuminati 
  • Open For Business (with eBay) - Lots of interesting stories about business with some advice and tips thrown in. Very easy to identify with for any entrepreneur.

I also love:

  • Criminal - Lots of short stories around the theme of crimes both minor and major voiced by Phoebe Judge who has a hypnotising voice
  • Serial - 3 seasons of totally different stories - 1 is The story of Adnan Syed, a teenager accused of murdering his high school girlfriend and whose case is examined - 2 is about ex-US soldier Bowe Bergdahl and 3 is about a mysterious man from a small town
  • Song Exploder - This is a podcast by Hrishikesh Hirway and basically explodes songs - taking them apart into their component parts and putting them together with the story of how each bit was collected or created told by the musicians themselves.
  • The Bugle - Audio newspaper for a visual world hosted by Andy Zaltzman and previously also John Oliver who abandoned his dear friend when he joined Last Week Tonight
  • The Gilmore Guys - Two guys watching episodes of Gilmore Girls - one a huge fan and one who has never seen it before and bringing on guests that actually tend to really dislike Gilmore Girls. They do an awesome impression of Ira Glass from This American Life.
  • You Must Remember This - Old Hollywood stories, scandal, gore and more
  • This American Life - A collection of stories about America with a new theme each week with each episode broken up into Acts and hosted by Ira Glass
  • My Dad Wrote a Porno - A cringeworthy and funny podcast about a son whose dad wrote an erotic novel and subsequently (and with his dad's permission) read out the story bit by excruciating bit with his friends.
  • The Guilty Feminist - I just started listening to this one when I spent several hours in a row doing close up detailing. It's very funny.

Something for everyone in there - I think! 

Image: The Nod