4 of my favourite contemporary print designers

The word "print"in the context of design can mean many things - graphic print, textile print, printed magazines and papers. What I love about the word is how multidisciplinary it is. Print is something I do in many various forms.  I have designed more traditionally printed pieces using techniques such as block print and silkscreen, but I equally love the digital and the space where traditional and digital print intersects.  This post is about some of my favourite designers and contemporaries who work in the world of print design, but more specifically scarves:


Emma J Shipley

What I most love about Emma J Shipley's work is the delicate detail she achieves through using the humble pencil as her tool. She also has an amazing Star Wars scarf or two.

Images: Emma J Shipley, The Worth Project


Karen Mabon

Karen Mabon's work is cheerfully bright and packed with illustration. I love her use of childhood, nostalgic and pop culture imagery in bold combinations.

Images: Karen Mabon



This is a company I have followed for a couple of years and I love them but always end up spelling their name slightly wrong and ending up on a blank page! MNCQVQ consists of Amélie and Marie and they produce the scarves from concept to product. They often reference the mundane in their print - things such as houseplants for example - but end up making them into objects to desire though placing them in focal parts of the print.

Images: MNCQVQ


Charlotte Linton

Charlotte's collections are all inspired by places - something that really resonates with me because I have also created geographically-inspired designs (see Koregaon Park, The Sari Project).  I love her use of places less frequently referenced in design - Java, Greenland, Madagascar.

Images: Charlotte Linton

A Great Listen: Startup Podcast

I'm a self-confessed podcast fanatic - to me, there's nothing better than a great podcast that you know has about 50 episodes you can listen to at work when designing. Last week I started listening to the Startup podcast by Alex Blumberg (formerly of This American Life).  It's a very meta podcast about starting up a podcast company - Gimlet Media. Alex talks about his very real and sometimes very awkward experiences as a startup and its refreshingly honest and very interesting. His wife Nazanin also contributes to the podcast in a big way, keeping it real in a brutally truthful and often funny way, for example when Alex comes up with an initial name for his company and she can't control her laughter...  A couple of my favourite episodes have been: Ep.9: "We Made A Mistake"  in which one of Alex's employees accidentally upsets a mother and a 9 year old child & Ep.10: "Mixing Art and Business" where Alex speaks with the fascinating owner of a pizza joint / art space called Satchel's Pizza.  Definitely worth a listen.

Image from Observer Business & Tech

Image from Observer Business & Tech

If you’re stuck on a problem, you need to talk with someone who keeps the ketchup somewhere else.
— Reply All podcast

This week, I've also started listening to one of Gimlet Media's podcasts - Reply All and I went straight to the most recent episode (Ep.52 Raising The Bar) about diversity in the workplace -  diversity in this case being a very broad term rather than specifically race or gender as many would expect in conversations relating to the workplace. A great listen plus you'll find out what the ketchup quote is all about!