3 cool design projects I backed

Enough about me - at least for one post! I'm aware this blog has been Kickstarter heavy of late, so will mix it up with some other juicy design bits. 

I don't shop very often, but when I do, I definitely head straight for the illustrated goods. I thought I'd share in this post some projects I backed over the past year that I think are super cool and whose makers definitely deserve a shout out.

The Curzon Film Project

"CURZON - Recognise. Revive. Relive."  The Curzon Project is an initiative by Stylografik, Kaffe O and Film Hub NI.  The aim of it was to make a documentary about the Curzon cinema in Belfast come true by retailing a range of high quality organic t-shirts and giclée prints featuring the iconic cinema building. The money raised will go to create an independent documentary film about the cinema and raise awareness about the importance of independent cinema and filmmakers which they hope to release in the coming months.

9 Women Artists

This was a super casual post I noticed by Brighton-based artist Cara McCaughey.  She was creating a limited edition of illustrated t-shirts featuring influential women artists. I saw the Frida Kahlo one and had to get one as of course, Frida's a total ledge.

Stephen Maurice Graham's "Michael" prints

I attended the launch for illustrator Stephen Maurice Graham's "Michael" comic at UsFolk Belfast - one of my favourite places in the city. I loved all of his work and wanted to buy it all immediately but slept on it and made the decision that I should be more selective and so I went for a large bright yellow print from his collection. I picked the one that reminded me of the end credits of Daria as another thing I love is nostalgia. You can read more about Stephen's project "Michael" here.

& I've just backed this new one on Kickstarter.