Coming up on this blog / by Karishma Kusurkar

I took some time last week to specifically revisit my business and look at what direction I wanted to move it in, how to grow it now that it is no longer in the startup phase and also about what me as well as those connecting with me really want. 

As part of this restructuring, I went through my blog content.  I want to make this blog more useful to its readership which means more content around design, entrepreneurship and work-life balance with any project news included at the end of each post. I hope this will give it a bit more structure and consistency and will try this over the coming months.  I would also love to add more of my own photographs and artwork as a visual narrative.  The Design Week article seemed to be of particular interest to people that have read this blog and so I might include some more how-tos / strategies and tips of things I have done / experienced.  

If you'd like to hear about any specific topics, send me an email at and I'll see what I can do! 


To kick off the updates, this is a REALLY BIG UPDATE to give an overview of what I am working on.

I work on several projects at once and often in different areas.  Some require long development phases whereas others are completed over a short period of time. The way I can work on them all is that they all have different deadlines for release and that they are all at different stages in the pipeline.  Is it challenging? Yes. 

These are some the projects and products I am currently working on:

Small Town Big Dreams (Podcast) - We were at Digital DNA this week recording interviews at the Startacus startup area and the live podcast will be out soon. Our first 6 episodes and live recording from The Black Box are available to listen now here and on all good podcasting apps, Soundcloud and iTunes. We are planning out Season 2 currently and looking at what worked well in our first.

Pick & Picks (Product)I sent out my first rough-cut prototypes to get some feedback from musicians.  It is still in research and development and I am looking at some new materials and shapes for the picks. I have also started thinking in terms of a wider product range for this project and some of the others.

A Tiny History (Cross-Platform Product, Podcast) - Kylie and I have started moving this project forward.  As well as researching content for this, I sent out interviews to people engaged with  the subject of each "tiny history" and have been happy and grateful to get some great folk on board for interviews.  This project is likely to be multi-platform.

Espionage: The Card Game (Product)This is now in Jack Straws Boardgame Cafe where you can play it and see what you think.  I've been a bit complacent in pushing it out over the past few months as I have had other urgent project work to complete but am revisiting the market placement for it and seeing where else it could go. 

One Square (Product) - Recently I had a lot of people asked me whether I was still working on One Square - the first collection stemming from my Masters project when I first started Karishma's World.  In Phase 1 I explored it more as a limited edition and bespoke product. I am revisiting in a second phase and it is set to be much simpler and more practical. 

Belfast Design Week (Event)We have been talking to lots of local agencies, people and supporters to plan this year's Design Week.  Our theme looks at Belfast through a new lens - through word of mouth, stories and subcultures. We also have some more events geared towards the general public and sharing knowledge about design.

The Design Salon (Collective) - We have our next meetup on Saturday with designer Terry Corr and it is a DIY picnic - hopefully outdoors! We will then be looking at and engaging the existing 326 members of it to see what they would find best / most useful in the future and plan out the next steps for it accordingly.

Shape Europe (Event) - This is a large scale conference by the Global Shapers' Belfast Hub which I am a part of. I am on the creative team for this looking at the full branding and design of the conference as well as hosting a workshop during it.

People Make Design (Social Entrepreneurship) , RainCo. (Product) & Game X (Product) are in their very early development phases, so once there is more to tell, I will post an update on these.