Crikey! Zoiks! & all the things you feel before launching a Kickstarter campaign / by Karishma Kusurkar

*First though* check out my featured interview with Irish game website The Arcade for my upcoming game Espionage which you can read here

I'll be launching my Kickstarter campaign very very soon and by that, I mean in a few days. Crikey! It's slightly terrifying as it's not only my first Kickstarter, but also my first game and I'm very excited to be putting it out there, but also very nervous. 

Why Kickstarter?

I had thought of using Kickstarter for a project for a long time, but was trying to find the right fit and felt Espionage would be the right product to put onto it. It is a great platform for printed games eg. tabletop and card games because people go specifically to it to look for and support new releases by independent companies and individuals.


Over the last few months, I was lucky enough to attend two great talks by Paul McNally and Sarah Pannasch who released the awesome 5 Things & The Story of Sheep Farming in UK & Ireland using Kickstarter.  Although their projects are different to mine, they gave great insights into what to expect, ensuring that you are regularly updating any backers and also how it can be quite intense - so to expect that!

I have looked at other campaigns I think are great and through many articles about preparing for a Kickstarter campaign ahead of time! 


There are so many elements to a campaign that it helps to break it down into realistic stages factoring in some cushioning in relation to production, shipping etc.  I have done my best to try and estimate this, so here is my mini timeline (summarised) for what's going to be happening for the next while with Espionage:


Kickstarter will be live. The main rules for Espionage are in place and will be tweaking and testing it for another 1.5 months.


Final edits to game.  Any feedback from the final stages of game tests and feedback from backers will go into ensuring that Espionage is as good as it can possibly be - and as fun as it can possibly be, after all it is a party game!


Send to print.  I have received requested quote estimates for this and build my costing around it.  I will also be sending any other backer merchandise to print.


Finishing printed products and packaging.   


Espionage goes out to customers (just in time for the festive period and Christmas)

Thoughout the campaign and beyond, I will ensure that backers are updated with what's happening with the game and try and do some blogposts about other relevant things as well!

"Make it real. Make it happen." was one of the titles I had planned for a future blogpost but it felt apt to end this one with it because it's all very real now!

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