What (the hell) is Multidisciplinary Design?

What (the hell) is Multidisciplinary Design?

This is a question that often comes up whenever I chat with people about what it is that I do. Honestly? It can be difficult to explain but this is as succinct a way of describing it as I can think of right now:

To me, Multidisciplinary Design means that I work across many different disciplines in Design within my work - some of which I have expertise in and others which I am gaining new skills in. I also work collaboratively with others that are experts in areas that I am not. I love collaborations - a lot - they also stop me from being a loner at a desk and going crazy. I strongly believe that true originality comes from being creatively flexible and using what you've learned across various areas within design (and in fact beyond design) and that one of the great things about being in the creative industries is how open the whole field is to crossovers. 

I also really love this article (although it is very obviously biased towards why Multidisciplinary Design is amazing, of course!) :



What was the point of the above?

Well... Karishma's World has undergone a change from being a Print & Accessories company to being a Multidisciplinary studio to move and shake my way through the millions of projects I have lined up and make them happen, so I thought it was the right time to share this little bit about the whys and the whats.

Do you always conduct interviews with yourself?