Espionage: The Final Eight / by Karishma Kusurkar

One of the best things about Espionage has been getting people to interact with the product and help shape it. I designed 12 characters for Espionage, some of which were loosely based on "real life" folk - very loosely as I didn't want to get sued for defamation due to the sinister nature of the characters - but for the original edition, backers voted on their favourite 8, and here they are: 

  • "Sinister Minister" - Abel Adams
  • "Ace of hearts" - Viktor Valentine
  • "Trust Fund Mercenary" - Gabriel Gardner
  • "Mister Venom" - Caleb Castafiore
  • "Test Tube Baby" - Zara Zaldana
  • "The Bag Lady" - Marcella Mandrake
  • "The Spider" - Aurelie Augustin
  • "The Dead President" - Samuel Santos

The two most popular characters were The Spider & The Dead President!


One of the comments a game player had was that they liked Gabriel Gardner's ambiguous nature.  This led me to take away any titles from the characters so that they would be less defined by them.