10 Tips for Design Startups


I'm no longer a startup but these are a few things I have learned along the way that might help you if you are just starting out in your business. Things that I've done myself and others I wish I had done or known! 

1. Pick your best idea --- If like me you have a lot of ideas and projects going on, keep the rest simmering in the background and pick one to push and get made (otherwise things will remain in that ideation stage for an infinite time!).

2. Ask the experts --- If some element of the project you are working on is new to you or not in your area of expertise, don't be afraid to reach out for help and ask those that are in the know.

3. But don't be afraid of picking up new skills yourself --- Don't be afraid to invent something new and to combine an area you know well with something new that you have to learn about.

4. You really really really don't have to wear a suit (or a power necklace)

5. Get organised --- Whatever system works for you. In our co-working space some people work purely on organisation apps and others on a big sheet of paper

6. Support others --- Make sure you check out and support other startup businesses in what they are doing, it'll help you become part of a community but also know people who are in the same position as you

7. Stay healthy mentally and physically --- Running your own business is a totally different experience to working for someone and your day may continue endlessly and a lot of times your health will be the last thing on your mind but make sure it isn't!

8. Create boundaries --- Decide specific times you'll be on email / social media etc. as a lot of your creative / making time can end up being spent on these things.

9. Seek out opportunities --- Opportunities don't grow on trees but there are quite a few out there if you look for them. 

10. Never stop learning --- It's tempting once you've graduated or learned the skills you need to start your design career to stop there. The reality is that technology is fast paced and constantly changing and you'll need to upskill regularly to stay on top of your game. It also helps to absorb other skills such as learning about business basics such as book-keeping, organisation, networking etc.