What's in store by Karishma Kusurkar

After a short hiatus from blogging,  I'm back! This is a long-ish post about what I've got in store for the coming months for Karishma's World & other projects I am working on.  It was inspired by this awesome post by NI food extraordinaires The Edible Flower on their first year in business. 

The one big thing I am learning the more I do this is that I need to work and collaborate with more people and that's a definite goal of mine for the next while.  No woman is an island and all that. 


It can be quite complicated to explain what products and services will come out of a multidisciplinary design business because there are just so many different kinds of things multidisciplinary design studios work on.  In my own experience, people may also get to know your business for something specific and then it's difficult to explain that yes, you do that, but also this other totally different thing! Some people know my business for textiles, others for accessories or illustration or digital and now some for games. In fact, me and my business are about all of those things and potentially more.  What excites me is that potential of cross-pollination between different genres and disciplines within design.

To explain the breakdown of my multidisciplinary studio, I have taken a look at renowned designers and artists that work/have worked in this area and broken the "multidisciplinary" bit into its various components.

César Manrique - Architecture, Painting, Sculpture, Eco-Tourism, Landscape Design

Louise Bourgeois - Sculpture, Installation, Painting, Printmaking

HAY Studio - Furniture, Stationery, Accessories, Textiles, Lighting

Studio FormaFantasma - Product Design, Craft, Material Design, Installation

All of these areas combine to make the designers and studios multidisciplinary. Similarly, for my own:

Karishma's World -  Product Design, Accessories, Lifestyle, Illustration

It makes more sense to me now looking at it in this way, hopefully it does for you too! 



Espionage prototype

Espionage prototype

This is my priority project which I'm looking forward to getting made in a larger quantity in the coming weeks which I'm very excited about. Espionage is currently in its final edits and on track to being shipped in December.   

Future: With future editions of Espionage, some of the things I would like to add to are new country-specific location packs, more characters and more action cards. 

One Square

One Square shopper bag

One Square shopper bag

This was the project that I started my business with, inspired by Kenya Hara's design philosophy. The aim was to simplify the manufacturing process for bags and holdalls, using a self-contained single square to make a bag from instead of traditional making which can end up with a lot of wastage. 

Future:  I'm currently restructuring this project to create a simpler manufacturing process and bring it back to its origins and make it more functional.  I am keen to give a first look of the new One Square later this year.  The type of making will also feed into my other accessories projects coming out next year - RainCo & Wrap.



RainCo - This is a new rainwear and accessories project I have planned for next year. It is in the research phase currently.  

Wrap - This is a fashion project inspired by One Square and exploring structure and making which I hope to launch next year.

<Working title> - "But you're still working on Espionage, aren't you ?!" --- and I am! There are a few games projects I have in mind for a team to work on though in the future which is the next stage after Espionage is all ready to go! They will be longer term projects and this is on the shelf until next year.


The Design Salon - With everyone getting busy with their work - including myself - this sat on the sidelines for a while, but we have picked it up where we left off and started a series of informal discussions and meet-ups. 

Belfast Design Week - Is happening this November 4th-10th! We are in our 3rd year in 2017 and making it bigger, bolder and better each year. Our team has expanded to include some awesome folks in the areas of product design, illustration and service design. We cannot wait! 

Kylie Chan Illustration - We had created the first in the series of A Tiny History in the form of a scroll, but will be looking at various other formats to make it going forward as we have some more tiny histories to share.

& there's more that's in the works. What I need more than anything is more hours in the day...  if anyone knows anything on how to go about that, get in touch.

Kickstarter: Espionage Update #7 by Karishma Kusurkar

Just under 24 hours to go! 

To our backers from all over the world - USA, UK, India, Ireland, Luxembourg, Canada, France, New Zealand - some of whom I know, and others I don't - thank you so much for helping us hit our goal (and a bit beyond) - we are now sitting on £3650. With just under 24 hours left on the campaign, it's the last chance to back our game, so do spread the word!

Character Backstories

No Text Character Cards all-01.png


There are going to be 8 characters in Espionage.  They aren't your average spies. They are from many different backgrounds and places and they have their sights set on world control.  We have created 12 characters in total and will be giving you the opportunity to vote on your top 8 characters in the lead up to print. We shared a few of the character cards but here's the full list and a bit about each:

  • Klaus Kane - "The Elder Statesman" - A charismatic politician and master of schmoozing, Klaus Kane would love to take control of the world for himself and his wealthy 1% buddies
  • Samuel Santos - "The Dead President" - A guerrilla leader and master of disappearance, many think he is dead, but he's simply biding his time
  • Zara Zaldana - "Test Tube Baby" - A mad scientist who would love to control the world's population in more than one way
  • Marcella Mandrake - "The Bag Lady" - A middle-aged cat lady who plots to take over the world whilst sipping her afternoon tea
  • Delfina Diaz - "Fortune Cookie" - A lover of the esoteric and unexplained, she would like to control our world and "the other world" 
  • Gabriel Gardner - "Trust Fund Mercenary" - Gabriel has found that sometimes guns work better than words and that they look cool with his leather jacket and designer stubble
  • Viktor Valentine - "Ace of hearts" - A lover - of all sorts - Viktor is slicker than a wet red herring and even more dangerous than one
  • Aurelie Augustin - "The Spider" - A wealthy businesswoman with a little red book of names, she'll play by the rules whilst getting her network of thugs to do her dirty work
  • Abel Adams - "Sinister Minister" - Rejected by many religions for his crazy beliefs, he decided to set up one of his own and now his eyes are set on world domination
  • Lorena Lovejoy - "Lady Luck" - An underground art dealer that would like her vaults to be filled with the best pieces "handpicked" from the world's rarest collections
  • Juliette Jones - "The Jewel Thief" - The jewels weren't enough and now she's going for the mines. Juliette Jones would love to control the world and access all the sparkling stones she can get her hands on
  • Caleb Castafiore - "Mister Venom" - A zoologist with a large collection of poisonous beasts, you wouldn't want to accept a dinner invite with this guy. He loves to see his enemies squirm like a red herring out of water

Oh and I'm very fond of alliterative names as you can see!

The full backstories will be included with the game.

For the backers

The campaign will be coming to a close soon, but I will be posting updates over the next few months about how everything is getting on at the key stages. If you'd like to know anything in between, email me at any time at hello@karishmasworld.com or comment on the Kickstarter page!

Quotable quotes

Here are a couple of things play-testers of the game had to say!

"A fun, strategic party game that holds its own after multiple plays and more challenging sets of rules that'll have you coming back time and again."

"An enjoyable mix of strategy and take that, which will have your friends laughing and smiling the whole way through."


Cheers and now's the countdown!

Kickstarter : Espionage Update #6 by Karishma Kusurkar

Great news - We are over £3K and so very close to our target! We've 3 days to go & as always if you know someone that might enjoy this game, do share it with them.  This update is about some of the questions people have asked of us over the past week, so hopefully this will answer them! If you've got any more, do give us a shout. The campaign ends on Monday at 10pm, but we'll be updating you with the progress of the product as we continue forward from there - all being well we'll have reached our goal by then!

The Making Timeline & targets

We're making the game in England with Ivory Graphics, our estimated time for production and delivery of the larger batch of games is going to be 4-6 weeks - this is faster than companies in China for example, because it is within the UK and doesn't require international shipping or customs.

We have added 2 more weeks as cushioning to this which means that we should have the product ready for the end of November/start of December to ship out, or - in fact - drop off to you directly if you are in and around Belfast! {We'll try and make this experience as *memorable* as possible if you haven't required the shipping...}  Our merchandise should take 2-3 weeks to produce which means that we'll be working on any customised characters, maps etc. during the month of October to be printed and ready at the same time as the game.  

More about the Spy Edition

In our last update, we mentioned a new addition - or edition! - to the game for a more advanced gameplay. We'll be play-testing this throughout the rest of August and September - it's keeping the core essence of the game whilst adding new elements to it to make it more challenging and espionage-y!


We were asked about the deluxe edition (Mogul) and what additional things you'll be getting with it. Welllllllll here's the latest!

  • Custom Scoresheets

For the alternative rules, you'll want to make a note of scores as you progress. These custom scoresheets will help you do so and they've got all of the Espionage styling to add to the theme of the game.  We'll be sending the digital copies of these to all players so that when you run out, you aren't stuck with inferior scoresheets.



  • Best of 3 tokens / WIN! cards

If you think it's really unfair that one person stole all of your secret locations and red herring-ed you out of the game, you may want to do a best of 3 rounds game. These tokens will help you keep track of who wins in a best of 3. And if all 3 winners are different, whoever wins the last one, steals the previous two tokens.

  • Wrapping

Espionage will make an awesome present for someone, or for YOU which is why we are including custom wrapping with the limited edition boxes.


  • Mat

We are looking at any extras that we can throw in for you, and we will be creating a specially designed A4 mat for you to show the deck placings.  We'll send a digital copy of this to all of those that have bought any version of the game.

On another note:

I just backed this unique game called "Arranged! The Arranged Marriage Board Game" - such a different idea for a tabletop game and worth sharing! 

Over and out!

Kickstarter: Espionage Update #5 by Karishma Kusurkar

Hello & hope you've enjoyed a lovely weekend!  This update is all about rule edits, editions and additions.

Espionage is now up to 64% on the campaign (which is exciting!) and we are hoping that the good fortune continues. But first, just have a look at how far the game has come! Here's one of the earliest little test packs:

Playtest Pack

The red herrings and spy cards were a lot smaller in our earlier test packs, but shuffling them proved to be a nightmare, so we scaled up the cards and made them all uniformly "poker size"  at 63 x 88 mm.  

Playtest Additions

We've improved our rules with the recent rounds of play-testing, with the addition of a "3 red herrings, you're frozen out for 3 rounds" rule (as opposed to completely out of the game). We found that this rule helped keep players more involved for larger player groups = more enjoyment!

*New* The Spy Edition

Our core rules (the Party Edition) and alternative rules (the Scoring Edition) provide a great all-ability game.  However, we are keen to up the ante and add a bit more detail for the seasoned player and so are testing a new set of rules called The Spy Edition.  We'll be adding these as a bonus to all backer levels that include Espionage the game!  


We recently backed 2 fellow Kickstarter games projects: Polite Society: The Jane Austen Board GameItchy Feet: the Travel Game  - both worth checking out!

Farewell for now and see you at the next update!

Kickstarter: Espionage Update #4 by Karishma Kusurkar

Hope you're having a lovely week so far!

We've got some brand new pics of merchandise for you to check out. If there's something you love or something more you'd like to see, let us know!

  • 4 limited edition luxury postcards - These postcards will be printed onto 380mic Pulp Paper, perfect to post or to frame as a mini-print


  • Espionage T-shirts - We'll be getting these classic fit tees beautifully screen printed and finished in black or white with the Espionage card back print. You'll be able to pick from a range of sizes once the campaign has ended.


  • Espionage Espionage A3 Poster - Printed onto lovely matte paper, perfect to stick up on your wall or to frame


  • Espionage A2 Limited Edition Print - You'll get a choice of Espionage artwork for your limited edition print, with only 5 of each printed. Ever! 


  • Espionage Deluxe version - As well as Espionage: The Game, you'll get custom scoresheets, best of 3 tokens and wrapping.

A big thanks to everyone that has supported Espionage - we're at 51% and there's 11 days to go.  As always, if there's anyone you think might enjoy the game or indeed any of the new merchandise, do send them this way!

P.S. Check out this cool project called Skate Art - Art, Illustration, Design & Broken Boards.