An interview with Phemie Chong, Owner of ODDONEOUT


As we get prepared for our launch at The Duncairn in Belfast, we are also getting ready to launch in ODDONEOUT in Hong Kong.

We caught up with the owner of ODDONEOUT - Phemie Chong - in this short interview.

Tell us a bit about your background and practice. 

I studied Printmaking in the UK and moved back to HK in 2011.

What made you decide to set up Odd One Out?

Although I haven’t gone on to become an artist, but I have always been a great fan and collector of art prints. However, when I moved back to Hong Kong,  there wasn’t anywhere to purchase affordable works other than Ikea. So I decided to open shop that would support printmakers and illustrator local and wide, so I opened ODDONEOUT in 2012.

What is it like being a creative entrepreneur in Hong Kong?

I guess it is like every other capital city, rent is particular high for retail, and not a lot of habitant space. Not a lot of locals have a habit of purchasing artworks. But I have seen a huge changes from the last few years as younger families start to purchase artwork to decorate their home.

Tell us a bit about the zine culture in Hong Kong.

There was a boom in 2014/2015. As risograph has become popular in Hong Kong, there are now a lot of smaller printers that popping up in the city.  This makes it easier for artist/ poets/ writer / illustrators to publish their own zine with less quantities.

They can publish in a book form that expresses their political views or even showcases as an artist’s portfolio. As I always describe it, a zine is a mini- exhibition of its own. 


What - in your opinion - is a visionary?

A visionary is someone who helps us to live in a better world. For humans or for the earth.

Name some people you think are “visionary” in their work or ideas:

Dan Weldon  

Dan Wheldon invented solar plate printing. Solar plates were developed as a nontoxic alternative to traditional etching processes. It is a simple, safer and faster approach than traditional etching and relief printing. This process does not use grounds, acids or solvents. The plates are exposed to UV light and developed with ordinary tap water.

Elon Musk

I am a great fan of electric car, although he might not be the first who invented the electric car but he’s the first who bring it to the mass market.

Boyan Slat

From the Ocean Plastic Cleanup Project

A Tiny History will run in Hong Kong at ODDONEOUT in Wan Chai from 24th August (launching 3-5pm) until 29th September.