In this blog article, my collaborator Kylie put together a list of the things she wanted to know about me, our project and my practice!

11 Questions

by Kylie Chan

0) Can you introduce yourself? What are you doing now, and what are you working on? 

I’m Karishma Kusurkar, a multidisciplinary creative and an entrepreneur. I make everything from accessories to games, graphics and digital design. I’m co-founder of Belfast Design Week, The Design Salon and the podcast Small Town Big Dreams.

I am currently working on our project A Tiny History, a new venture called Pick & Picks, Season 2 of Small Town Big Dreams and the next phases for The Design Salon and Belfast Design Week.

1) Do you remember how we met?

We met at University of the Arts in London. Kylie was studying Illustration at Camberwell College of Arts and I was studying Textile Design at Chelsea College of Art and Design. Since then we have stayed in touch and followed each others’ careers and finally found the right project to get stuck into.

2) What made you to start this project? Where did the idea come from? 

The idea for this project came from questioning how world history is told, which is all too often through wars and usually with women left out or playing minor parts. I wanted to work on a project that would be widely accessible, especially to those that don’t currently engage with reading about history, through using great design and illustration and that’s when I thought of collaborating with Kylie, one of my favourite illustrators. I thought of Kylie in particular because she has a great way of illustrating people and capturing human nature in a really humorous and accessible way.

3) Is it a big challenge for you to work with Kylie and in two different countries?

It can be challenging in terms of time zones and matching our free times. As we are both practising creatives, we both have to ensure that we are organised and make time for calls to discuss the project and make sure we are on track! We are looking forward to travelling to each others’ countries and working on the project together in person.

4) What do you want to get from this project and what do you expect to learn from this project? 

I would like for Kylie and myself to put something new out into the world that challenges perceived notions of how history is told. We will both likely be learning a lot from each other and our different ways of working!

5) Who is the person who has most inspired you? And can you tell me why?

My mum is incredibly inspiring and moved halfway across the world from India to Northern Ireland and has worked incredibly hard to give us both a good quality of life.

6) Do you want to be someone that goes on to inspire others? 

Yes, I would love to be in that position in the future!

7) I know you’ve got a lot of ideas, can you tell me about your craziest ones or your dreams? 

Way too many ideas!

I guess - this one is not necessarily crazy, but a massive dream - something I would like to achieve is to be in a position where I can help kickstart creative ventures all over the world in a similar way to how tech startups are helped.

8) Are you excited to come to Hong Kong? What things do you want to do first in HK?

I am incredibly excited to be travelling to Hong Kong at the end of February 2019. We will be spending a week working on the project together and I will be working remotely too. I’m excited about it all really - from the culture and the design, to the dim sum too. I’ve never been to Hong Kong, so I will be absorbing as much of it as I can on my visit there and putting it into our project.

9) Should we put be including animals that helped further human history in our project? For example : the first monkey into outer space - Albert II - who went into space before the first human

That’s a really interesting question! I think this is almost a project on its own - in fact, let’s do it next. I imagine that there have been several animals that have helped the progress of human history! It’s also an interesting area in terms of the ethics.

10) What if you met one of the people you are covering in this project - who would you want to meet and what question would you want to ask him/her?

I would ask them whether they knew that what they were doing at the time would have the impact it has had on the world.

A Tiny History is kindly supported by the Artists’ International Development Fund by the Arts Council NI & British Council :