An interview with Suncolor Print's founder Sunny Ng

When visiting Hong Kong, one of our planned trips was to visit a modern manufacturer - Suncolor Prints - who produce publications and print of all kinds and for many artists and designers. The owner of Suncolor Sunny Ng is a man with a wealth of knowledge who does a lot of outreach with his company. With a growing movement of supporting manufacturing in the region, we asked him a bit about how he got set up and what his business does.

Sunny Ng tour of Suncolor Print
  • Tell us a bit about your background in graphic design and advertising.

I, Sunny Ng, had over 7 years graphic design and 19 years of art and production experience in the advertising industry before adopting a career in printing.

  • What made you decide to set up a printing company and how did you get started?

Suncolor Printing Company Limited was established in 1991 with the commitment to provide high quality service to both advertising agencies and international & local companies. As an ex-advertising man, I know the importance of maintaining a consistent high quality service to my clients.

  • What are some of the most interesting things your company has printed?

From a small company to sizeable operation right now, our success is built on the trust of our valued customers as we have persistently met high quality standards and very challenging delivery deadlines throughout the 28 years we have been in business. We vow to continue this honorable tradition for many years to come! Our company has received numerous prestigious awards, including the “Business Superbrands” in 2006 in recognition of our achievement in the printing industry. In view of global environmental concern, our company has obtained the “Forest Stewardship Council Chain of Custody” Certification and approved as FSC supplier in the year 2007. To guarantee stability and commitment to our customers, all our equipment and most of our factory plants are self-purchased. Our clients are always our top priority because we firmly believe that “When our clients grow, we grow!”

  • What do you think lies in the future for Hong Kong’s manufacturing industries?

As a major industry in Hong Kong, printing is experiencing a drastic downturn as the Government has given little support to this sector at all. Nevertheless, in order to emerge as a winner from this difficult condition, only those companies which can produce high quality and yet small quantity work in extremely tight schedules can prosper and grow!

  • You do a lot of social work and educating students, can you tell us a bit about your work outside Suncolor?

In order to equip them with practical hands-on knowledge of the printing process, we regularly arrange education tours of our printing factory for design school students from The Polytechnic University and HK Design Institute.

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